Application of LED lights

Home office lighting – superbly planned

Good lighting is an important factor at work, and the same applies to the lighting in your home office. Whether you are working at home on a PC, surfing the internet, reading a book or writing a letter, a pleasant and motivating atmosphere is the basis for total concentration.

The light in a home office must have the right luminance, it must be uniform and glare-free and it must have excellent color rendering to avoid fatigue and eye-strain. The lighting should comprise several light sources and be variable so different tasks can be performed in the room.

Kitchen lighting – functional and tasteful

Kitchen lighting is an essential element in defining the “feel” of a home. The kitchen is often where all the action is. It’s where food is cooked, it’s often where food is eaten and the focal point of family life. And of course everyone gravitates to the kitchen at parties. A general distinction can be made between a food preparation kitchen and an “eat-in” kitchen. Individual lighting is therefore what is needed. It should be functional for preparing and cooking the food, and it should also create a pleasant atmosphere for family mealtimes or chats with friends.

Bedroom lighting – totally relaxing

Bedrooms are a place of rest after a hectic day. Apart from the obvious activities of sleeping, dressing and putting on make-up, this is a place where you can read a book undisturbed, flick through a magazine or watch a favorite movie.

Perfect bedroom lighting enhances the feeling of rest and relaxation with soft light that is not too bright, and used fixtures that provide small pools of bright light for reading.

Hallway / Stairwell lighting – inviting and safe

Lighting in hallways is crucial for the first impressions that your guests have of your apartment or house. This is where visitors are welcomed and where they get a feeling for the atmosphere in the rooms. Lighting contributes enormously to creating a feel-good atmosphere right from the start.

At the same time, the hallway lighting must be functional and energy-efficient. Providing a number of light sources gives the hallway a structure and make it easier for visitors to orientate themselves. Reflector lamps direct the light precisely where it is needed. Fixtures with motion sensors provide the right level of light and save electricity.

Safety is the prime consideration in stairwells. They must be properly illuminated with enough brightness without reflections to ensure safe passage up and down the stairs. Here too, fixtures with motion sensors provide adequate light and are kind on the household budget.

Bathroom lighting – beneficial and safe

The right lighting can turn your bathroom into a wellness center. Here you can start the day undisturbed, relax in the bath or reenergize yourself with an invigorating shower.

The right light helps create a feel-good atmosphere. Background and mirror lighting are crucial factors. Glare can be a problem in bathrooms because there are lots of reflective surfaces. When planning the brightness of the background lighting the color of the walls and tiles must be taken into consideration. Dark surfaces absorb light and therefore require much high illuminances. Safety is also fundamental. Special measures must be taken because the bathroom where electricity and water come together. When choosing a fixture for the bathroom you should make sure that it has the appropriate level of protection (at least IP X4 within 60 centimeters of the bathtub or shower).

Outdoor lighting – decorative and safe

In modern living the outdoor area is playing an increasingly important role, as is outdoor lighting. In the summer we take to the patio, balcony or garden to relax, to barbecue or to party. Modern outdoor lighting is an important decorative element and also provides orientation, safety and security. Outdoor lighting makes sense not only in the summer but also in the winter. As the evenings draw in it offers greater security, and the garden, patio or balcony are not forgotten during the cold winter months but remain part of family life.

In addition to balcony, garden and patio lighting, the lighting around the entrance to the house is very important. It is not just a calling card for your home, it is also a very important zone in its own right. The right lighting provides a safe entrance at night and helps you identify unwanted guests.

Architainment lighting – substantial and spectacular

Architectural lighting has long since morphed into architainment – a combination of architecture and entertainment. Architecture lighting has become an experience for observers, breathing life into buildings and highlighting their architectural features.

The challenge with architainment lighting is to create intense colored lighting effects over large areas. The light sources should provide high light output and extreme color stability but also be energy-efficient and durable. In addition, thermally and mechanically stable lamp design is essential in order to achieve perfect results in harsh operating conditions. Different color temperatures give designers more freedom than they have ever had for creating spectacular displays, day and night.

Event lighting – instantly effective

Event lighting is central to a fascinating show – whether film, TV, theater or concert. But it is not just the audience that should benefit from state-of-the-art lighting but also the performers.

At events it is important that lamps can be changed quickly and without fuss. KRYPTON offers ideal solutions for this sector. The intelligent Lok-it! system for example has a new base/holder design so that lamps can be changed without the need for tools. This patented holder system enables lamps to be changed in seconds with just one hand. The lamp is held firmly in place and perfectly aligned in the optical system.

The modular design and versatility of this system means that fixture manufacturers have a wide choice of options at the design stage and can provide lighting designers with fixtures featuring a wide variety of functions. Manufacturers can choose for example between different lamp technologies such as discharge lamps or halogen lamps and therefore between different lighting moods, light colors and lifespans.

Illumination of food products, fruit and vegetables - simply a delicious view

Light colors used to present fresh goods trigger emotional impulses. Close to perfect color reproduction is therefore essential. IR and UV reduced lighting also protects the food products and packaging material.

Lighting of promotion spots – straight to the point

Promotion spots have a special place in lighting concepts for modern shops and department stores. Special products need highlighting and promoting.

Displays and special presentation areas provide the appropriate stage. But only when perfect illumination and the right lighting effects are added do the products attract full attention.

Lighting solutions for promotion spots place products in the right light, achieve maximum prominence and guide customers directly to special offers.

Lighting for counters and cashier locations – perfect on both sides

Lighting for counters and cashier locations has to meet two requirements at once. On one side of the counter the light should create a feel-good atmosphere and reinforce the customer’s decision to buy. On the other side, where the workplace of the shop assistant, the light must be glare-free and enable them to focus on their work without becoming fatigued.

Modern lighting solutions and concepts are capable of creating lighting situations, even in the smallest of spaces, that reconcile these two different requirements.

Hotel room lighting – comfortable and variable

Perfect hotel room lighting should give a sense of comfort and security. Guests should feel welcome and at home as soon as they enter the room. Good lighting also means no annoying glare and no heavy shadows.

Ideally guests should be able to adjust the lighting to suit their needs and their preferences so they can read, relax or work in peace. And the lighting must complement the style of the hotel.s.

Restaurant and bar lighting – dynamic and exciting

The main components for perfect lighting in bars and restaurants are atmosphere and zoning. The right light provides a subdued and reserved private sphere at tables and seating areas. At the same time, walkways and service zones are lit more brightly. The light should be bright enough to allow guests to read menus in comfort and see each other’s faces easily. It should also be suitably subdued to create a private sphere.

Modern lighting systems can create a wide range of lighting scenarios such as daylight-dependent dynamic white light control. LED solutions in particular are so compact that they can be very easily integrated into the architecture to create an exciting atmosphere without placing the focus on the light sources.

Roads and paths in parks - The right light for every path

The requirements for the good illumination of roads and paths in parks are similar to the requirements for illuminating service roads and residential streets. The safety of playing children, pedestrians and cyclists is paramount. Lighting with a high light quality offers protection for the more vulnerable motorists. Balanced lighting with no excessively light/dark zones and medium horizontal strengths between two to 15 lux make sure that ground unevenness, obstacles and pot holes can be spotted well in advance, reducing the risk of accident. Furthermore, the lighting not only creates a positive sense of security but also makes an active contribution to preventing crime. Increasing the lighting strength decreases occurrences of vandalism and violent offenses.

Parking lots - Excellent lighting conditions for excellent visibility

The illumination of parking lots is influenced by different functions and requirements. In some parking spaces and areas, motorized traffic comes face to face with pedestrians and cyclists. The functional lighting concept must therefore regard the parking space as traffic space and attach greater importance to safety. Good lighting presents traffic more clearly and reduces the risk of accident. Selected lighting solutions promote better overall orientation and allow vehicles to be identified more quickly. They also help to identify boundaries and obstacles well in advance.

Traffic areas require stronger lighting than parking areas. A medium lighting strength with good glare reduction and even distribution right to the fringes is required, depending on the traffic frequency. Luminaires are positioned in line with the parking spaces and take into account hazardous areas such as entrances and exits.

Other requirements may result from the position and design of the parking lot. Particularly small parking lots in inner city areas are often confusing and therefore potentially hazardous due to the surrounding greenery and structural environment. A high light quality with a balance of horizontal and vertical lighting strengths is particularly important here.

Large parking lots away from buildings and zones with flowing traffic are very efficient to illuminate due to the height and wide spacing between the different light points. Lower light point heights are recommended for parking lots located directly next to areas where glare must be minimized.

Secondary reflector systems offer another alternative for illuminating large parking lots. These systems can project the light extremely precisely and evenly onto a specific surface. The concentrated light from powerful floodlights is diverted to a mirror that splits the light into a series of small light points and casts it back onto the ground. A single secondary reflector system can illuminate surfaces of up to 10,000 square meters efficiently and evenly.

Lighting for offices – functional and pleasant

Installing the right lights in offices is important in order to create a pleasant working environment: They create a pleasant mood, increase productivity and reduce mistakes among employees. Planners, operators and users therefore have very high expectations of lighting systems. Modern solutions satisfy these demanding requirements by creating the perfect conditions for the relevant visual tasks. The combination of natural daylight, artificial light and light management systems provides optimal lighting and a specially adapted light control system maximizes energy efficiency. Luminaires with a modern design fulfill prestige requirements in refined offices on executive floors, while intelligent light control systems with a zonal function help to divide the room into separate working and meeting areas. Pleasant, productive and prestigious lighting from KRYPTON achieves an impressively high degree of energy efficiency in addition to perfect illuminance and good color reproduction. The result: efficient illumination and minimal maintenance costs.

Lighting for basement garages – Reliable and extremely flexible.

The right lighting for basement garages fulfills a wide range of functions: it provides outstanding brightness 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, allows garage users to find their way around better and increases the overall feeling of security. It has been proven that adequate lighting in areas such as exits or parking spaces reserved for women contributes to better safety on the whole. In addition, the integration of intelligent light management systems enables highly flexible use of light in accordance with requirements and fully utilizes the potential to save energy.

KRYPTON light solutions for basement garages meet the toughest demands set out by planners, operators and users. Long burn times are achieved and maintenance costs minimized due to an extremely long service life. Our high-performance, energy-efficient light sources are ideal for economical round-the-clock use as well as for navigating your way around the garage: The optimized light enables drivers to identify obstacles faster and navigate their way safely and easily through the garage.