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Krypton brings the innovative ideas and Technology for consumer product that adds value to customers through a combination of multiple high-end technologies for complete solutions

We supply various kinds of high quality LED lightings. Now LED lights are widely used as replacement of bulbs in general lighting, especially lighting in area where where UV or IR radiation is undesirable. It's widely used in hotels, restaurants, Jewellery showrooms, exhibitions, art galleries, cosmetic counters, museums, house holds and other general lighting.

LED lights are also widely used in factories, gymnasiums, yards, advertising boards, streets, buildings, lawns and gardens and places where spot lighting is needed. LED lights save energy and is green which is why it is important for us to convert to LED. Which interns helps us to control the global warming up to some extent.

LED Lighting Solutions

Krypton control and solutions is committed to providing lighting systems and solution resources that enable customers to enter new markets and develop unique lighting solutions quickly and efficiently so that time to market is minimized and opportunity is maximized.

Our teams have provided LED lighting systems and design support that have enabled the introductions of the first LED-based LCD television, the first functional LED flash in camera phones, the first LED daytime running lamps on the road, the first handheld LED projector and many other lighting applications.

In addition to the resources within Krypton Control & Solutions , the Future Lighting Solutions Network offers a wide array of products, tools and resources including prototyping, engineering support, integration support and systems support around the world.< br />
Regardless of the application type or market segment, we can make sure you're connected with experienced, knowledgeable teams that can help you be successful with solid-state lighting.

LED Lighting Applications

Krypton Control & Solutions is committed to delivering first-class solid-state lighting solutions to the outdoor lighting, office lighting, shop lighting, home lighting and automotive lighting markets. Our LUXEON products are revolutionizing the lighting industry by enabling "never before possible" LED lighting solutions.

LED application development continues to be a challenge for lighting designers. Our Lighting Resource Centers provide tools and expertise that simplify the process, shorten customers’ time to market, and help ensure end product reliability.

We offer system measurement services, thermal, optical and mechanical design and simulations. We continue to invest to help designers execute their ideas. To determine if you qualify to take advantage of one of our 6 main services, please send an email to

Future Lighting Solutions Network provides a comprehensive range of products and services designed to enable customers to develop and bring products and LED lighting solutions to market more quickly and efficiently.